Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After finding out that Mrs. Jynx made a new album, and that it happened to be a collaborative work between 2 others; Milieu and Fieldtriqp, I snatched that thing up so fast.  Some nice Jynx tunes accompanied by these new artists I hadn't heard of until now.  And they are purrretty good indeed.

Fieldtriqp I will mention briefly as there is not much music to talk about.  It is all very ambient stuff and I know  ambience isn't the most popular genre.  But look him up if you're interested he is quite good.

Milieu has a very strange, electronic style that may not appeal to some.  He pumps out a lot of tunes, and a few of them are definitely not my favorite thing.  Although I must say I have been looking for an artist with a style resembling Boards of Canada for quite a while now, and I was quite pleased when I found him finally!  A lot of his music is just fantastic.  If you like Boards of Canada of course.

I haven't even begun to sift through his colossal list of albums, which totals up to around 60, including EP's and unreleased digital albums.

Dreamy, luscious, techno tracks mixed with some delightful "tropic" beats.  A real treat.  And he was nice enough to send me 2 extra CD's!  This guy is awesome. <3
You can buy "Bermuda Triangle" here: http://milieu.bandcamp.com/album/bermuda-triangle
And everything else here: http://www.milieu-music.com/
And Fieldtriqp here: http://soundcloud.com/fieldtriqp


  1. Thanks for the suggestion - will check it out.

  2. Wow great blog! Im totally gonna start following you regularly! check out my blog too if youd like!

  3. Fieldtriqp is amazing, pretty mellow stuff.

  4. Sounds amazing, definately something i'm going to buy!

  5. not sure I like the music on offer here, but I do enjoy your blog. I'll surely be back.

  6. Just youtube a couple of their songs, pretty good band!